Coffee and spice grinders

Grinding mechanism for coffee and spice grinders


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Grinding mechanism for coffee and spice grinders is machined from special hardened steel.

We are producing our grinding mechanism almost 90 years with the same technology and we can stated that you can use our grinders for much more years than we guarantee in case that you will use our grinders properly.

 Setting is done with adjusting nut or screw from fine to coarse grind.It depends on your favourite brewing method. 



Body of the grinders


Wooden bodies of grinders are made from beech wood.

Big part of hand made production doing from every piece an original product. Boxes of coffee grinders are made with traditional old technology which is real hand craftsmanshift to achieve very high quality.

This is the same for coatings.Our grinders are natural varnished or paint with different colour tone and varnished.Flower.jpg







  Mozart cibulový vzor.JPG

Porcelain bodies are made with co-operation with Czech porcelain companies.In present time it is mostly company Český porcelán a.s.Dubí , which is one of four producers of china with cobalt ornament „cibulak“. 






Garlic press,nutcrackers and egg slicers


These practical kitchen utensils for every home are made from food safety aluminium alloy.

Colour versions are made with powder coating technology.

These product are very high quality which our customers appreciate together with long-life products.

There is a lot of satisfied customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, USA…

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